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On D'Urso Boutique you will find the new PMDS collection. Since 1978 we have been specialists in the fashion sector with particular attention to the male world. We have always been looking for the best brands in the world panorama of men's fashion, always winking at the best of Made in Italy. PMDS is a fashion brand that represents bold elegance and unmistakable style. PMDS is more than just a brand, it's a statement of personality and an expression of individuality. Our garments transform clothing into timeless works of art, flawlessly combining fashion and design. PMDS designers are visionaries, trend makers and bold innovators. Each PMDS collection offers a symphony of vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics and impeccable cuts, creating the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. PMDS is a forward-thinking brand that challenges conventions and pushes the boundaries of design. We are aimed at individuals who wish to stand out, who know that authenticity is the essence of elegance. Wearing a PMDS garment is a unique experience, which enhances inner beauty and conveys self-confidence. We guarantee the highest quality, with attention to detail and impeccable assembly. PMDS is more than just a fashion brand, it's a movement, a community that shares a passion for distinctive style. Each PMDS garment represents belonging to this community, inviting you to experiment with fashion in a bold way. If you are ready for a world of extraordinary fashion and want to express your uniqueness through your style, join us and let PMDS speak for you, in a unique and captivating way.

We are official PMDS resellers both on our online shop and in our physical store in Atripalda (Avellino), Italy.

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