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Heritage sweater online shop of new collections on D'Urso Boutique.

D'Urso Boutique is the online shop of Heritage sweaters of the new collection. Since 1978 we are specialists in the fashion sector with particular attention to men's knitwear. We have always been looking for the best brands in the world panorama of men's fashion, always winking at the best of Made in Italy. Heritage is a historical brand, totally Made in Italy and among the best known in the world of men's knitwear, where it ranks among the leaders in the sector. The quality of the yarns used is of the highest level, such as extrafine merino wool, alpaca, mohair, cashmere and many others. The Heritage proposal is very wide, in fact it ranges from shaved wool knitwear with 18 finesse up to consistent sweaters with very small finesse. The refined and never out of date taste manages to reflect the man at 360 ° by proposing classics such as basic crew-neck sweaters, v-neck, turtlenecks and turtlenecks as well as the timeless cardigans, also offered in various subtleties. It combines casual-fashion with Heritage, which in winter offers braided turtleneck sweaters with a thousand shades. For spring summer, on the other hand, it offers light pure cotton sweaters and very fresh polo shirts and t-shirts also made with the highest quality yarns. Let yourself be inspired by our proposals and do not hesitate to ask for advice from our qualified and expert personal shoppers always ready to respond to your requests.

We are official Heritage resellers both on our online shop and in our physical store in Atripalda (Avellino), Italy.

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